Omar Shaikh

Hey there! I'm an undergrad in the College of Computing at Georgia Tech (go Jackets!) I'm advised by Polo Chau and Diyi Yang. Starting Fall 2022, I'll be a Ph.D. student in Computer Science at Stanford.
My interests lie at the intersection of human-computer interaction and machine learning. I'm interested in understanding how automated algorithms can affect and support interpersonal interactions online.
I've spent a bit of time as a research intern at Square, University of Southern California, and Cornell University.
Also: if you're an undergrad interested in research (especially if you identify with a historically marginalized group), please reach out! I'm more than happy to chat about some of the opportunities here from the perspective of an undergrad.

Featured Research Publications

Enabling User Recourse and Interpretability of Toxicity Detection Models with Interactive Visualization
CSCW 2021
Online Payments During the COVID-19 Pandemic
CSCW 2022
Examining the Ordering of Rhetorical Strategies in Persuasive Requests
EMNLP Findings 2020
Learning Convolutional Neural Networks with Interactive Visualization
TVCG 2021